“BSX eco +” the recyclable extinguishing component patented INNOVATION by UNITEQ Go Green

BSX Eco +, the recyclable product of the novel range “UNITEQ Go Green” in now available.

The “3 pluses” of BSX eco+

1- A patented approved performance

Arising from UNITEQ R&D, with a pending patent, the BSX eco+ inherits the performance features of its predecessors, the BSX 183 and BSX 233 approved products. Their efficiency has convinced the market since 2010.
End user safety and environmental responsibility are at the very heart of UNITEQ strategy.

2- Environmental benefits and an extended valorization of fluorinated components

BSX eco+ formulation takes into account the demanding regulatory and societal pressure that is applied to chemical products. It also anticipates demands in terms of recyclability.
UNITEQ has made possible an extended valorization of the extinguisher components by isolating key durable components such as fluorinated surfactants.

BSX eco + organizes chemical additives into compatible combinations and enables the recycling of key durable components through recoverable cartridges.

The formulation of the new product of the Go Green range guarantees a performance equivalent to BSX 233 as well as a perfect compatibility with all the components of UNITEQ range of products.

3- A more « responsible » extinguisher, qualifying for « Milieukeur » labelling

BSX eco+ has been developed according to the Dutch environmental label « Milieukeur », recognized as the most stringent in the world.
In 6 or 9 liter extinguishers, the features of BSX eco+ are compatible with Milieukeur criteria.

UNITEQ succeeded in preserving fire protection performance whilst improving customers and public authority’s expectations in terms of recycling and environmental care.

The recyclability argument cannot result into customers and users indifference! In this context, UNITEQ team offers its expertise and support to any customer wishing to have its range of extinguishers approved according to the Milieukeur label.

By enabling valorization through the recovery of critical chemical components, BSX eco+ provides UNITEQ customers environment protection arguments on top of cost/performance advantages, through a more responsible approach.

More respect for the environment – less human footprints in the world.