UNITEQ is a fast growing company, specialized in fire-fighting agents.

We are headquartered in the heart of Seneffe science park, Belgium, center of Europe.
UNITEQ is active on a pan-European scale.

The company is truly committed to protect human life and property against the daily threat of fire. Every day, over 5.500 fires are reported over Western-Europe, resulting in the dramatic balance of more than 14 fire deaths per day!

Our range of high-performance chemicals brings a significant contribution to the ever improving fire fighting techniques.

Our aim is to combine strong technical expertise with fine and exhaustive market knowledge.

We manufacture and distribute fire-fighting agents for the following categories of fires:

  • A fires (Solid fires)
  • B fires (Liquid fires)
  • D fires (Metal fires)
  • F fires (Fat fires)

Key milestones