UNITEQ experts are supporting demanding customers through innovative products

UNITEQ staff is made up of chemists and engineers experienced in the formulation of extinguishing products and their adaptation to extinguishing equipment.

Recent regulations have imposed the change of some extinguishing ingredients. This required adjustments in extinguishing equipment parameters.

UNITEQ supports routinely the optimization of the combination of products and equipment, from an operational viewpoint as much as from an ageing and corrosion point of view.

UNITEQ in depth understanding of the constraints and features of pressurized and auxiliary pressure source extinguishers enables faster solutions.

As a result, UNITEQ can help its customers to achieve EN3 or GOST certification.


Support to labelling

In addition to its technical know-how, UNITEQ has developed a broad expertise in environmental labelling and particularly in the one called Milieukeur. This label is increasingly recognized as a reference in Northern Europe and it is spreading fast.

UNITEQ offers support to its customers for the filing of Milieukeur records.


UNITEQ has supported real life cases such as:

  • Study and technical support with respect to the parameters of the extinguisher without changing the extinguishing product.
  • Study and comparison of most commonly used spray-cones in order to establish a database of options and facilitate selection.
  • Study of ageing in weathering chambers in order to verify the rate of product alteration and check the limiting date of product validity.
  • Testing of compatibility of content and container in order to validate the absence of negative interactions between the extinguishing product and the extinguishing equipment.
  • Technology watch and benchmarking in order to assess best technological options, at customer request.
  • Make up of technical files for “Millieukeur” and customer support.